Beautiful Family House Revnice in Czech Republic by JRA Jarousek.Rochová.Architekti

JRA Jarousek.Rochová.Architekti designed this beautiful family home located in a residential area of villas on the northern bank of Revnice above the valley of the river Berounka in the Czech Republic. Description by JRA Jarousek.Rochová.Architekti: The mass of the house blends into the terrain so that it respects the sloping terrain of the land. The one storey building with a flat roof andalower level floor is embedded into a green […]


Wedge-shaped Lake Cabin in Czech Republic by FAM Architekti

Prague studio FAM Architekti designed this wedge-shaped cabin located beside Lake Mácha in North Bohemia based on the client’s request for a year-round retreat getaway while enjoying his passion for yachting. Description by FAM Architekti: Replace older cottage on the shore of the lake in a pine forest respects the unique natural character of the place and the STOP copies of the original. The aim of the project was to […]


Fascinating Private Retreat Home On Top of a Boulder in Bohemian Forest by Uhlik Architekti

Uhlik Architekti designed this private retreat home on top of a boulder between Central and South Bohemia, Czech Republic. The concept was based on the client’s request for an escape to gather strength for his demanding work in Prague. Description by Uhlik Architekti: Our client contacted us with an idea to create a hideaway in the countryside where he could “hole up” and gather strength for his demanding work in Prague. […]


Bright and Breezy Family House in Czech Republic by Qarta Architektura

In 2013, Qarta Architektura completed this very welcoming family residence in Palkovice, Czech Republic with a fascinating view of the Beskydy mountains.  Description by Qarta Architektura: The house is situated in the periphery of Palkovice, nearby Frýdek Místek. From this site is the view of the Beskydy mountains. The first idea was to reconstruct the old house on this parcel. The original house was situated in the middle of the garden […]