Tineke Meirink Imagines Quirky Scenes in Everyday Objects

Dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink created a project called ‘Stop:Watch‘ in which she documents the scenes she imagines in ordinary things. For example, a solar panel becomes a shirt, a lamp post becomes a microphone, chimney becomes a telescope or someone playing ball with the full moon. Meirink says, ‘it’s just more fun when you take a closer look.’ See more of the Stop:Watch series on Meirink’s website.  [via inspirationhut]


31 Days of Creativity with Food

This month, Malaysian artist-architect Hong Yi kick started a new project where she creates different illustrations on a white plate using food to draw. Targeting to finish 31 food projects for the whole month of March. Follow her on Instagram @redhongyi for the latest feed. [via foodiggity]