Fredensborg House in Denmark Primarily Built in White by NORM Architects

NORM Architects designed the Fredensborg House in Copenhagen, Denmark in keeping with the tradition of Scandinavian simplicity. Description by NORM Architects: On a sloping property north of Copenhagen, the “Fredensborg House” is built on five small plateaus connected by steps, reflecting the shape of its surrounding terrain. The house aesthetic is derived from inspirations brought about by the labyrinthine mountain village architecture, those that you may find familiar in Southern […]


Cozy + Unpretentious Eatery at Copenhagen

Located opposite an old broadcasting studio in Frederiksberg, restaurant RADIO is known as an unpretentious eatery of Copenhagen owned by Claus Meyer. The owners wanted to create a place that is welcoming, modern and urban, but still strongly linked to the landscapes and the people who matter to them. More than that, the food served inside the restaurant are freshly picked and organically grown by passionate owners who tends to 2 acres of vegetables […]