Clouds of Colorful Paint in Water Photographed in Blackground

Blackground is a series created by artist and photographer Alberto Seveso where acrylic are dropped in water with the colors enhanced by a black background.


Playful Imaginings of a Photographer as a Tiny Being

Canadian photographer Joel Robinson imagines himself as a tiny being in this playfully surreal concept photography series. His great love for the outdoors inspires most of his photographs and that he lives as close to the forest as he could possibly be. More of his wonderful portfolio on Flickr . You can purchase prints of his enchanting photography on Etsy. [via designtaxi]


Explosion of Colored Powder by Marcel Christ

Powder, is a series by photographer Marcel Christ. Brightly colored powder were captured at the right moment as it’s thrown and mixed mid-air. The vibrant explosion resulted in stunning rainbow images. Check out more of Marcel Christ’s portfolio on his website.   [via pulmonaire]


Mortals Stuck on the Wall