Distinct citizenM Times Square in New York City by Concrete Architectural Associates

Concrete Architectural Associates designed this distinctly multihued 230-room citizenM Times Square hotel in New York City. Description by Concrete Architectural Associates: The concrete designed citizenM hotel is making its debut in the United States with its first skyscraper in the heart of New York City on Times Square. An Amsterdam based hotel chain, citizenM is bringing affordable luxury to all mobile citizens, as it opened its doors on 10 April, […]


Cute and Playful Gyeonggi Children’s Museum Climbing Gym in South Korea by Luckey

Design/build firm Luckey created this 53′-4″ climbing gym made out of bendy straws for the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum in South Korea. The structure can be accessed from the ground floor or via the bridge attachment on the second floor. Its base is filled with bent surfaces of different colors of orange, blue, brown, magenta and white. Children would definitely enjoy climbing the discs that slowly start to disappear as they […]


Attractively Awesome Visitors Center in Germany by Ooze Architects

Architecture and design firm Ooze Architects was commissioned to build a temporary visitors center for EMSCHERKUNST.2013 in Germany. The project  also included an art camp for local art associations. Oversea containers were re-used by the firm and  were splashed with vibrant colors to exude a very welcoming atmosphere. Description by Ooze Architects: The temporary Visitors Center for EMSCHERKUNST.2013 and the Art Camp for local art associations are made from re-used […]


Clever Dancing Colors by Fabian Oefner

If Jack Long has breathtaking drops of paint while Mark Mawson has amazing aqueous electreau, then here comes another artist who keenly experimented with colors and the results are just as fantastic and uniquely different. Switzerland-based professional photographer Fabian Oefner dubbed his series Dancing Colors (making sound waves visible) literally because he captures color pigments as they dance to the beat of a speaker. The artist says: The idea of the series is to build a bridge between the acoustical and […]


Colors Burst To Form Great Art

Check out how a budding artist in China makes remarkable art through bursting colors on a plain canvas. His name is Hua Tunan who is based in Fosha, Hua and his exceptional work has actually captured the interest of companies to do grafitti art for them. See more of his works here.   [via visualnews]