Chase the blues away this Christmas

The different shades of blue are really fascinating, aren’t they? Care to see some of them? Here they go… But wait. Ain’t that cake delectable? Looks so yummy! Oh well, take two, here are the other shades of blue!


When ants get colored tummies...

Let me tell you the story on why I decided to post this one. I happened to have found this post in stumbleupon. I browsed the pictures, all three of them, and did not pay close attention why in the world were these posted anyway? These are ants, yes, I said to myself, but what’s special with these ants in particular? Then I scrolled upwards again to read the lines after […]


The Glow of Yellow

Do you consider “yellow” as one of your favorite colors? If not, your perception mind change after seeing all these wonderful yellow finds. The first picture above is the ceiling of M Coffee based in Tehran, Iran and it was designed by Hooman Balazadeh. Isn’t that great? Oh well, hope you’d appreciate the rest of the yellow finds below! This one’s very cool, the Tellus Nursery School in Sweden. I’m […]


The Vibrance of Orange

This one’s the Arch found in Arches National Park, Utah. It was only this year that I have learned to appreciate this color, orange. I have realized that orange gives a certain feeling of brightness and vibrance. And whenever I look at it, I feel really refreshed. Would you agree on this one?   After all those wonderful orange finds. Here are some facts about the color orange: 1. The colour […]