Strikingly Colorful Paper Collages That Reveal Handwritten Poems

In the Neruda series, artist Caroline Attans combines text and imagery to create emotion-filled artworks. Caroline visually reinterprets the poetry of Pablo Neruda to express the conflicting and contradictory emotions of desire, humour, anger, frustration and affection that his work inspires. Words and phrases in both Spanish and English are literally folded together to create bold yet intricate circular compositions that personalize the spontaneity and directness of his passion. [ […]


Artist Makes Unique Collages Made From Upcycled Security Envelopes

Instead of throwing out old security envelopes, artist Sarah Nicole Philips saw an art medium. Philips creates unique landscape collages by utilizing the different colors and prints inside each upcycled security envelopes. [via sarah nicole phillips, makezine]


Awe-Inspiring Collages made from Cut-up Comic Books

Collages always excite me when I was younger because they seem to be so easy to make. But then again, I learned about Mike Alcantara, a Texas-based artist who uses cut-up comic books to make remarkable and complicated collages. He made me appreciate doing artwork with extreme detail and passion. Collages are not that simple to make after all if you happen to give more attention on creating them. See more […]


Map + Art = Collage

I have shared before that I really love maps. And now, someone thought of making a collage out of maps. Simply amazing… This someone is an artist named Matthew Cusick from Dallas, Texas. Check out his other collages…    [via]