14 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Fairy Lights

Make your bedroom dainty, romantic and dreamy by decorating with fairy lights… Here are 14 ways…


12 Ideas for Year-round Christmas Lights Decoration in the Bedroom

Christmas decorations are on full blast by this time, even in the bedroom! They make any room happier and really lovely. So if you’re thinking of taking it down after the holidays, these examples might change your mind. Leave it on to get your room into a festive mood all year long. Enjoy!    [via stylowi, pinterest]


Some of Pre-Christmas Photos Around the World 2011


Christmas Lights in 8 Bedrooms

Countdown begins before Christmas! And timely enough I’ve found these beautiful Christmas lights adorned bedrooms. They are so lovely I can’t stand it! Here’s a few discoveries, hope it inspires you! [source: one, two, three,  four, five, six, seven, eight]