Unique Visitor Center in China by Vector Architects

Vector Architects designed this unique visitor center in Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China with a a multi-functional activity space, a pet dorm, and a preserved house used as office. Description by Vector Architects: Sited in southeast corner of Yuefeng Island Eco-farm alongside the Yang Cheng Lake, Kunshan,the visitor center consists of a multi-functional activity space, a pet dorm, and a preserved house used as office. Our design task is to explore how architecture […]


Awesome Snow Apartment in China by penda

Vienna and Beijing-based penda designed the Snow Apartment located in the famous skiing region of Zhangjiakou. Description by penda: The Snow Apartment by penda is located in Zhangjiakou, which is a famous skiing region 160km North of Beijing and offers a weekend-getaway for the client and his friends. The design of the apartment is inspired by a melting snowfield in spring, when nature slowly revives from winter and offers a […]


Awesome Installation Made of 8,000 Sheets of Rice Paper + 800 Bamboo Shafts by Zhu Jinshi

 Chinese abstract artist Zhu Jinshi has created this amazing installation called ‘Boat’ using 8,000 sheets of rice paper and 800 bamboo shafts suspended with different lengths of thread. The artwork symbolizes two things: Zhu Jinshi’s journey from the east to the west and the dead’s passage from living into the afterlife. [via strictlypaper]


Fascinating Pavilions by Schmidt Hammer Lassen at the Shanghai West Bund Biennial

Multi-awarded Scandinavian Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects have been commissioned by the Shanghai West Bund Biennial for Architecture and Contemporary Art to participate in its annual art and architecture festival which will run until the 19th of December. The firm has created two different pavilions – the daylight-filled buildings and the Cloud pavilion. The first one is a series of three steel and glass boxes set under the walkway to be […]


Uniquely Stunning ‘The Tales Pavilion’ by Luca Nichetto

Venetian designer Luca Nichetto has design this relatively stunning pavilion called ‘The Tales’ in Lido Garden, Beijing, China. Description of ‘The Tales Pavilion’: If one had to describe the relationship between Venetian designer Luca Nichetto and the Tales enterprise in only one word, it would be “emotion.” What brought these two lovers of design together is nothing short of a cocktail of right timing, trust, a twist of luck, and the mutual […]


Footbridge in China Depicts the Shape of a Flower

The Chunhua footbridge spans 4 points of a bustling intersection is in Shenzhen, China, complete with four sets of staircases, escalators and elevators. The design concept was inspired by the abstract shape of a flower. It was completed last year to the tune of $7.8 million amidst criticism of high construction and maintenance costs. [via q8allinone and hungeree]


Incredible Great Arch in China

A wall climber’s dream, this is the Great Arch in southwestern China’s Getu Valley. One of the hardest sport-climbing places in the world. The Great Arch is 164 feet high, 230 feet across, and 449 feet long. Really vertigo-inducing but the scenery is incredibly amazing. Photosby Sam Bie and  Petzl sport.   [via petzl]


Mystical Jiuzhaigou Valley

Look how stunning this nature preserve is! Located in southwestern province of Sichuan China, Jiuzhaigou, literal translation is “Valley of Nine Villages”, is known for its remarkably clear and Caribbean colored waters, and indigenous Tibetan tribes. [via uberholiday]