Pristinely White Casa MO in Chile by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani

Architect Gonzalo Mardones Viviani designed Casa MO, a pristinely white coastal home located in the seaside town of Zapallar, Chile. Description by the architect: The house is buried with clearly no intention to interrupt the wonderful view to the horizon from the public road so it is accessed by stairs and ramps going deep into the mountain to discover again – from inside the house – the sea, coast and […]


Breathtaking Casa Till in Chilean Coast by WMR Arquitectos

Somewhere along the Chilean coast is a breathtaking house called Casa Till by WMR Arquitectos. The structure was designed to blend into the landscape to make it appear invisible from afar. Casa Till is an eco-friendly home composed of local pine wood and solar panels within its rooftop deck. [via trendir]


Fascinating Tunquen House in Chile by Nicolás Lipthay Allen L2C

Nicolás Lipthay Allen / L2C, designed this fascinating, single-storey Tunquen House on top of a cliff that is 100 miles away from Santiago City, Chile and 164 feet above sea level. [via freshome]


Exhilarating Casa Tunquen Near a Cliff in Chile by Mas Fernandez Architectos

If by any chance you are seeking an adventurous holiday getaway, you might as well check out ‘Casa Tunquen’ in Chile. Designed by Mas Fernandez architectos , this exhilarating home was built near a cliff that provides its residents a spectacular view of the sea and nature. The residence is based on a grid of pillars of 3.60 x 3.50 meters that create a terrace and small central space. [via ignant]