Cozy Chalet in Collingwood by CS&P Architects

Toronto-based CS&P architects have designed this cozy chalet in Collingwood primarily to serve as a weekend retreat for their families. Its most distinctive features would have to be the natural light that comes through its large areas as well as the panoramic views that can be seen through its expansive use of glass. It is an ideal getaway during winter season given its in-floor, gas fired, radiant system aside from its […]


Chalet in the Snowy French Alps by Lionel Jadot

Belgian designer Lionel Jadot decored this fully renovated 1870s wooden chalet located in Megéve in the French Alps. Jadot re-used most of the existing vintage furniture, beautifully re-purposed to blend with new finds. The resulting interior is a mixture of rustic, elegance and vintage elements from different parts of the world. [via nuevo estilo]


Luxurious Chalet Brikell by Pure Concept

Swiss studio Pure Concept designed the Chalet Brickell, a luxurious guest house located in Megève in France. This stunning property has seven bedrooms that accomodates up to 18 guests and total area of 12,900 square feet. Chalet Brickell is known for comfort and specializes in 5-star accomodation to its guests. Chalet Brikell by Pure Concept: Chalet Brickell enjoys the luxury of a stunning setting at the heart of Megève. This exceptional chalet, with its guest […]