Impressive Celebrity Portraits Carved Into Recycled Cardboard

British artist Giles Oldershaw says his interest at the moment is focused on portraiture wherein he gets a thrill out of trying a new process or media. In fact, he has created artworks from old jiffy bags and even from baked potatoes. What he offers now is something simple at first yet very impressive once you get to realize how amazing he has carved celebrity portraits into recycled cardboards. Oldershaw carefully […]


Playfully Impressive Celebrity Portraits made from Scribbles

Malaysian artist Vince Low sure knows how to make great scribbles. With his series, Low has created celebrity portraits made of swirling lines, which at first you would think are just ordinary and playful doodlings. Check them out and see how many celebrities you can name out of these impressive illustrations. You may also want to see more of his works on  Behance.


Jump shots show the real "YOU"

I never thought that the oh-so-famous jump shots were already a hit years ago. Will you look at that very joyful Marilyn Monroe jumping like a little cute kid. This photo and all the others featured in this post were taken by Philippe Halsman, a Latvian photographer born in 1906 who developed a philosophy of jump photography, which he called jumpology. He published Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book in 1959, which contained a tongue-in-cheek discussion of jumpology and […]


Amusing 12 celebrity photos via LIFE magazine

We’ve seen them in glamorized photos, being proper in interviews and it’s always good to see them do an unlikely pose. Now the concept of these captures I found is not over-the-top. It’s achingly ordinary but it’s actually what makes it extraordinary.    [via]