Stunning Artwork Uniquely Made From Corrugated Cardboard by Andreas Scheiger

Vienna-based artist Andreas Scheiger handcrafts impressive artworks made from simple industrial packaging cardboards. His corrugated portraits include projects dubbed as ‘Jane’, ‘Clint’ and ‘Byrne & Boyle’. His works change their appearance according to lighting, which is a lenticular effect achieved by cut corrugated cardboard only that makes the portraits appear to have a life of their own.


Fantastic Works made from Recycled Cardboards by Marie-José Gustave

Montréal-based Marie-José Gustave would be best described as an artist of the everyday as she creates impressive works made from recycled cardboards. Her handmade products include an array of artworks and functional objects such as lamps and pieces of furniture. With every craft she makes, Gustave tries to explore the creative nature of flat boxes by giving them volume, texture and functionality. [via homedsgn]


Impressive Celebrity Portraits Carved Into Recycled Cardboard

British artist Giles Oldershaw says his interest at the moment is focused on portraiture wherein he gets a thrill out of trying a new process or media. In fact, he has created artworks from old jiffy bags and even from baked potatoes. What he offers now is something simple at first yet very impressive once you get to realize how amazing he has carved celebrity portraits into recycled cardboards. Oldershaw carefully […]


Incredibly Sturdy Cardboard Furniture

KARTON creates sturdy and sleek functional items for your home. Some might be skeptic to use it but its strength is exceptional. Made of super high-grade corrugated paper board, KARTON products are stronger that its perceived to be. [via designyoutrust and  mindsparklemag]