Cutest Shetland Ponies Wearing Cardigans Makes You Want To Visit Scotland

The national tourist board of Scotland thought of a playful campaign to attract tourists. The campaign stars Fivla and Vitamin wearing custom-knit cardigans as they pose on Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes. Still undecided on having that trip to Scotland? Fivla and Vitamin, two of the cutest Shetland ponies, is warmly inviting you over.    You can watch them here. Be sure to check out many more photos of Fivla and Vitamin here.   [via petapixel]


Life is too short for the wrong job

Oh, well. I would just like to share with all of you what made me really laugh my heart out the other day. These are considered as the top ten best ad campaigns saying “Life’s too short for the wrong job.” I hope you’d appreciate these pictures as much as I did. Enjoy! 🙂 Now, which one made you laugh really hard? [via]