Interesting Awareness Campaign for the Homeless

Canadian non-profit organization, Raising the Roof, has allocated about $3.3 million dollars to more than 145 partner agencies across Canada in line with its goal of reducing homelessness at the community level. One of its most interesting awareness campaigns featured a series of word statements that would really make you take a second look as you walk on the streets and rethink of how you could be of help to […]


Walk Through a Brilliant Interactive Maze

Design studio LIKE Architects made an illuminating installation for IKEA in Lisbon, Portugal this year. The said project was composed of 1,200 pieces of LEDARE lamps attached to HEMMA floor bases in varied heights. A brilliant way to introduce IKEA’s new project, the LEDARE . [via architizer]


Ingenious Illustrations of Tea

As part of a tea packaging project for Triptea, Andrew Gorkovenko created a series of illustrations made from tea leaves. The idea is to communicate the idea of traveling to exotic countries of the world. What better way to demonstrate that concept than placing illustration of different places in the packaging itself? Of course there’s illustrating those places using the actual tea leaves. Brilliant concept execution right there. Moreover, Alex wrote on his website, “each of the […]


Pedestrian Imprints Leaves on Bare Tree Canvas

Jody Xiong created an awareness outdoor campaign called the Green Pedestrian Crossing to promote the China Environmental Protection Foundation. A 12.6 meters long by 7 meters wide leafless tree canvass were laid on a pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians dip their soles on a sponge with green, environmentally friendly, washable that were placed on both sides of the crossing “thus leaving green foot imprints on the canvas of the tree. Each ‘green’ footprint on the canvas looked like […]


Glowing Ephemeral Pool Installation in Madrid

In 2008, a popular public swimming pool in the Plaza de la Cebada in Madrid was demolished. It was done with a promise from the Town Hall that in 2 years time, they will construct a bigger and better pool for the neighborhood. After 4 years, the promised project has yet to be constructed. Recently proposed structures seem to lean towards shopping malls and big-ticket leisure centers while the future of re-building […]


Amazing Backdrops Made of Sand

Extremely talented sand sculptor JOOheng impressive work has earned him the world champion status. So when ad agency Lowe needed amazing backdrops for an OMO commercial, JOOheng was definitely the perfect person to be commissioned.  JOOheng surely delivered.   [via walltowatch]


Intricate Cut-Away Leaf Art

Last year we’ve featured Lorenzo Duran cut-away leaf artwork. Now here’s a new series where he was tapped by Legas Delaney  to work on an ad campaign for Plant for the Planet. The message of  the campaign was to show leaf’s ability to trap carbon dioxide. Visit Lorenzo Duran’s website.   [via demilked]


Use Glass for a Change

Try reaching for a glass instead of plastic water bottles. Each day we consume millions of plastic bottles only to be thrown away in landfills but most find its way in storm drains, or worse, to the ocean.Faucet Face campaigns to use glass bottles instead of plastics. For each bottle you buy, a portion of profits will be donated to manufacture Biosand filters for people in rural India. Why glass? Here […]