House in Oakville California by John Maniscalco

John Maniscalco have designed the Silverado residence located in Oakville, California, USA.


Gorgeous Renovation of a Spanish Colonial Home in California by Chet Callahan and Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Architect Chet Callahan in collaboration with Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design renovated a 1934 Spanish colonial home in Los Feliz, California into a modern and gorgeous residence for Callahan’s young family. Photos by Art Grey via design-milk


Eye-Catching Saw-Roofed House with Circular Layout in California by William O’Brien Jr.

Architect William O’Brien Jr. designed this unique home with multi-peaked roof in Sonoma, California. Description by the architect: The Hendee-Borg House is a symmetrical saw-tooth roof house for two artists—a sculptor and a media artist—that includes a pair of large artist studios and an attenuated gallery space, in addition to a sequence of domestic spaces. The studio spaces are planometrically-mirrored about an east-west axis in order to facilitate distinct, natural lighting […]


Gorgeous Hillside California Home by Studio William Hefner

Los Angeles-based architectural firm Studio William Hefner designed this California home with fascinating outdoor spaces and beautiful landscaping. [via home-designing]


Beautiful Toro Canyon House with a Panoramic View of Santa Barbara Coastline in California by Bestor Architecture

Los Angeles-based Bestor Architecture designed the Toro Canyon House with a panoramic view of the Santa Barbara coastline in California. Description by Bestor Architecture: There is a dramatic and winding approach up through the landscape that keeps the compound hidden until the last moment. The site strategy is one of slow revelation and discovery of the house and – ultimately – the view. The road, which had to be built […]


Classy San Vicente House in California by McClean Design

With its specialization in contemporary homes, McClean Design completed this classy San Vicente House in California. Description by McClean Design: Designed for a family with three small girls this house needed to respond to the busy street it is located on. We came up with a sequence of entry which uses several devices to separate the occupants from the noise beyond. The drive court is screened from the street by high […]


Distinctive Vault House in California by Johnston Marklee

Award-winning architectural firm Johnston Marklee has designed this very exquisite residence called Vault House in Oxnard, Southern California. Description by Johnston Marklee: Situated in a densely developed beach site in Southern California, the Vault House challenges the typology commonly found on narrow oceanfront lots. Instead of directing its focus on the single prime ocean view, an array of transparent interior spaces layered inside the main volume, offer a multiplicity of […]


Exquisite Hover House in California That Maximizes Outdoor Living on a Small Lot by Glen Irani Architects

The Hover House in Venice Canals of Los Angeles, California was designed by Glen Irani Architects  as part of its series that maximizes outdoor living on small lots. Description by Glen Irani Architects: Situated on the Venice Canals of Los Angeles, California, Hover House 3 represents the third in the architects’ Hover House series. This series focuses on maximizing outdoor living on small lots by ‘hovering’ the building envelope above […]


Gorgeous Peter’s House with Movable Louvers in California by Craig Steely Architecture

Craig Steely Architecture has designed this private resident called ‘Peter’s House’ on a steep site the above Dolores Park in San Francisco, California. Its most distinctive feature would have to be its use of a system of moveable louvers, which according to the firm was “built from reclaimed lumber sourced from the San Francisco Presidio to regulate openness and privacy”. [via trendir]


Striking Black Desert House in California by Marc Atlan + Oller & Pejic

The Black Desert House in California is the result of the collaboration between renowned creative director Marc Atlan and architectural firm Oller & Pejic. The place provides a perfect desert retreat with constantly changing panoramas of color, light and shade. [via designboom]