Vibrant Interior of Café Foam by Note Design Studio

Stockholm-based firm Note Design Studio created this vibrant and colorful interior of Café Foam located in Stockholm, Sweden. Inside this fun coffee bar and café is a perfect blend of Spanish mood and Scandinavian design. Café Foam by Note Design Studio: Café Foam is a place that you either love or hate, but that nobody is indifferent to. We were fascinated by the bull and bullfighter’s mutual movements and the sharp […]


Relaxing Café in a Botanical Garden

Kollgáta Architecture designed this intimate relaxing café situated in the middle of a Botanical Garden in Akureyri, Iceland. This 177 square meter café was completed in 2012. Café in a Botanical Garden by Kollgáta Architecture The basis for our design was to create a cafe that would clearly be a testament to es we live in and at the same time keep with the atmosphere already created by these older buildings. Therefore we sought inspiration […]


Café In Amsterdam Made of Re-purposed Materials

Most of the time, the lack of resources brings out the better out of people. So when the community of Noorderpark in Amsterdam thought of a new community structure, the limited funds drove them to use 100% second-hand materials. The charred wood exterior cladding was produced using an ancient Japanese technique called shou sugi ban, which is said to be cost-effective and also low maintenace. Not only did it save them money, […]