Fascinating Greenhouse Filled with Stained Glass Art in Mexico by Leopoldo Flores

Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores transformed the abandoned Art Nouveau-style building in Toluca, Mexico into a botanic greenhouse wonderland dubbed as “Cosmovitral”, a combination of the Spanish words for “cosmos” and “glass”. The stained glass art that surrounds the interiors symbolizes the relationship between mankind and the heavens. Its design is primarily centered on human figures and natural elements like fire and water. [via designtaxi]


Relaxing Café in a Botanical Garden

Kollgáta Architecture designed this intimate relaxing café situated in the middle of a Botanical Garden in Akureyri, Iceland. This 177 square meter café was completed in 2012. Café in a Botanical Garden by Kollgáta Architecture The basis for our design was to create a cafe that would clearly be a testament to es we live in and at the same time keep with the atmosphere already created by these older buildings. Therefore we sought inspiration […]