Cheerful Bookshop

Kids get to enjoy rainbow-like spaces, story-telling and animation shows in Kid’s Republic. A colorful picture bookstore in Beijing China. Designed by Japanese Sako Architect. Description from Sako Architect: There is an activity room on the first floor and a children™s bookstore on the second floor. The activity room on the first floor is a rainbow-like space created with 12 colorful ribbons of different perimeters. Activities like story-telling and animation shows are periodically held […]


Alexis Bookshop + Coffee Bar

‘Alexis’ by plural and totalstudio, is a bookshop and coffee bar located in Bratislava, Slovakia. While in some countries, lingering inside the bookshop while reading is discouraged, ‘Alexis’ was designed to do otherwise. Reading is most welcome here, with wide stepped platforms (like the ones we have school little theaters, or lecture rooms) where you can relax and sit while browsing thru a good book.    All images from totalstudio.   [via designboom]