Beautifully Unique 360°Books by Yusuke Oono

Architect Yusuke Oono creates books where illustrations are laser-cut to each page. The stories are about 40 pages long and may be enjoyed when fanned around  360°. [via loftwork and hifructose]


Artist Stacked Thousands of Books to Form an Extraordinary Building

Slovakian artist Matej Kren lets you experience books in a different way. By piling up thousands of books, he creates an architectonic structure where visitors are invited to step inside. One of his most remarkable installations is Scanner built in 2010, a project of 30 foot high structure made completely of thousands of stacked books multiplied by mirrors to create an illusion of infinity. Amazing.    Check out more photos here. More of Matej Kren portfolio on his website. […]


Cut Up Books Become Eloquent Architecture Pieces

Dutch artist Frank Halmans set out a series called ‘Built of Books’ where he cuts up old paperbacks and turn them into eloquent architecture pieces. He carves mostly elements of access, such as windows, doors and staircase that symbolizes moving through something, whether it be a literary passage, or a physical expanse. Although, the idea of cutting up paperbacks is quite heartbreaking, Frank Halmans assures that he deliberately chooses to use only unforgettable titles that are […]


Elaborate 360-degree Books by Yusuke Oono

Palm-sized books that opens up full circle? Yes please. Talented artist Yusuke Oono introduced this creative idea months ago and has won accolades since then. Each intricate page of this 360-degree book is laser cut to form continuing illustrations of the book. This time Yusuke came up with a Christmas version which sadly isn’t available publicly but still awesome just the same. According to the artist the idea of this book is:  “Expressing one scene of story in […]


Astounding + Ever-changing Installation of 3500 Coloured Books

This unique art installation by Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof is composed of 3,500 pieces of coloured books. The physical installation measures about 4.10M x 2.30M and is arranged, destructed and re-arranged again to create a different art piece on each exhibition. Below is her series from 2012 back to 2009. What this display is called will make you curious, Enclosed Content Chatting Away in the Colour Invisibility. Here’s a brief from Anouk Kruithof’s website that tells […]


A River of 10,000 Books Overflowed in Melbourne

Last June, Luz Interruptus was asked to do an installation for Light in Winter festival in Melbourne with the theme ‘reading’. The installation was called Literature vs Traffic that comprised of 10,000 discarded books by public libraries that were considered obsolete. With help from the Salvation Army, who selflessly collected donated books, and friends of the installation team, the project proved to be a success. A river of books overflowed the sidewalk taking up space for the […]


Multitude of Colors Captured in RGB Colorspace Atlas

One of the most visually attractive book you’ll ever see. American artist Tauba Auerbach‘s RGV colorspace atlas showcases every color imaginable inside every page of an 8 x 8 x 8 inch hardbound. Special binding was designed by the artist in partnertship with Daniel E. Kelm. Printed by an independent bookbinder, Wide Awake Garage with the help from Leah Hughes. Photos by Brittany Schall   [via designboom]


Pages of an Unwritten Book

Unwritten pages with a story composed of a variety of outdoor finds. An excellent work by Scotland-based artist Fiona Watson. What’s interesting about her is that she used to be a biologist but remained an artist at heart. But still, her background emits to her work. For example, the pageabove has bits of coral from Coral Beach on Skye- except that it’s calcified seaweed – not coral. Wonderful isn’t it? Next up below is a series […]


Painting in Book Spines

Artists really have endless imaginations. Check these paintings of Mike Stilkey who thought of painting his works in a different way, through book spines. [via]


3d Trees in Books

Fascinating work by artist Kylie Stillman… [via visualnews]