Welcoming Light-Filled Industrial Loft in Spain by Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura

Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura designed the Loft 2, an industrial residence located in an old factory building in the Poblenou district of Barcelona, Spain.   Photos by Jose Maria Molinos + Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura via design-milk


Fascinating Leaf-Shaped Windows Featured in a Barcelona Hotel by Jean Nouvel Adorns

French architect Jean Nouvel in collaboration with local studio Ribas & Ribas designed the 357-room Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel for the Marriott hotel chain in Barcelona, Spain. Its most striking element would have to be the façade that features the leaf-shaped windows that will somehow change the way you look outside of your hotel room with more pleasure and less boredom. [via inhabitat]


Awesome Centenarian Marketplace in Barcelona by b720 Arquitectos

Spanish firm b720 Arquitectos has redesigned Barcelona’s legendary flea market called Els Encants Vells. Set in a new 800sqm location, the centenarian marketplace was created with sculptural metallic leaves striking enough for clients to have a second look. The main objective of the project was to maintain the open nature of the current outdoor market Els Encants. Its best feature would have to be the almost 25-meter high canopy that protects […]


Bouncy Hues + Barcelona Home

Very interesting. That’s what this space is. Maybe that’s the concept Miel Architects had in mind at the start of this project in Barcelona. To keep everything fun and exciting! Swirling patterns from main features as rugs to bookshelf fused by lots of bold colors. Carefully balanced by neutral floors and walls. Playing illusion with your eyes is the unique staircase design. Mirrors were attached to the risers to reflect the tread patterns. Also […]


Simply Chic + Barcelona Home

Located in Barcelona, this house has been transformed to fit the needs of a young couple, designed by Architect  Ivana Tuneu of Lizarriturry Tuneu Architecture. Only three conditions were imposed before starting the works: new environments flood of light, the total communication of space and room to create a transparent, large, where the property owners to develop their artistic activity daily. Thereafter, communication flowed to create, little by little, an organization of unique house with an amazing mix where each element decorative gets its new location as natural. Feeling of warmth andhome were basic premises to reflect this new reign of retro fabrics incombination with fresh natural wood boxes or design.   [via micasarevista]