Enchanting Rain Installation in Tokyo Composed of 65,000 Watch Base-Plates

The “Light is Time” magical installation in Tokyo was created by DGT Architects firm in collaboration with Japanese watchmaker CITIZEN. The artwork is composed of 65,000 watch base-plates hung on black thread inside a black room that make them look like shimmering golden raindrops. [via boredpanda]


Unexpected Bird Art on Recycled Medicine Boxes

Madrid-based artist Sara Landeta found something useful to do with medine boxes. She is currently using it as painting canvas for her beautiful bird illustrations. See many more of her work on Facebook and on her blog.


Stunning Artwork Uniquely Made From Corrugated Cardboard by Andreas Scheiger

Vienna-based artist Andreas Scheiger handcrafts impressive artworks made from simple industrial packaging cardboards. His corrugated portraits include projects dubbed as ‘Jane’, ‘Clint’ and ‘Byrne & Boyle’. His works change their appearance according to lighting, which is a lenticular effect achieved by cut corrugated cardboard only that makes the portraits appear to have a life of their own.


Awesome Installation Made of 8,000 Sheets of Rice Paper + 800 Bamboo Shafts by Zhu Jinshi

 Chinese abstract artist Zhu Jinshi has created this amazing installation called ‘Boat’ using 8,000 sheets of rice paper and 800 bamboo shafts suspended with different lengths of thread. The artwork symbolizes two things: Zhu Jinshi’s journey from the east to the west and the dead’s passage from living into the afterlife. [via strictlypaper]


Fantastic Works made from Recycled Cardboards by Marie-José Gustave

Montréal-based Marie-José Gustave would be best described as an artist of the everyday as she creates impressive works made from recycled cardboards. Her handmade products include an array of artworks and functional objects such as lamps and pieces of furniture. With every craft she makes, Gustave tries to explore the creative nature of flat boxes by giving them volume, texture and functionality. [via homedsgn]