A Creative Artist's Home by Caliper Studio

Brooklyn-based Caliper Studio designed this Artist Residence & Studio located in Greenwich Village, New York, USA. This former 1980s building was renovated and restored into a contemporary space in 2007. Artist Residence & Studio by Caliper Studio: Set in historic Greenwich Village, the residence is composed of two low buildings, originally one was a metal shop and the other a garage. The late artist Roy Lichtenstein and his family converted the buildings into their […]


Camouflaged Artist Studio is Clad in Mirrors

Bureau Lada designed this contemplative studio called The Archive. This space was built to house a contemporary artist who loves peace, solitude and the idea of ‘being away from it all’. The structure is covered in mirrors, almost disappearing in nature.    The Archive by Bureau Lada: The brief for the Atelier Malkovich ideas competition asked for the design of an innovative and functional studio for the contemporary artist. It should address the changing […]


Artist Studio with Inspiring Scenic Views

California-based practice Safdie Rabines Architects have designed the Artist’s Studio located in San Diego California. The studio’s open design is reminiscent of a bridge allowing the artist to get fantastic views of the scenic landscape on both sides.    Photos from Safdie Rabines Architects


Unique Geometric Form + Artist Studio

New York-based studio 0-to-1 designed an Artist Retreat located in Fiskars, Finland. Artist Retreat by 0-to-1: This house is a live-work space for a guest artist. Designed for the property of a Finnish Fine Artist, the geometric form is a response to the spatial living guidelines provided as well as the local climate and Finnish culture. The section is a quarter of an octagon. The octagon increases in size from building front to back, […]


Mill Valley Cabins Blends with the Forest

California-based studio Feldman Architecture have designed the Mill Valley Cabins, a yoga and art studio located in San Francisco. Mill Valley Cabins by Feldman Architecture: The clients for the Mill Valley Cabins wished to add some accessory structures to their existing hillside home. Programmatically, the clients sought to provide space for an artist studio and a yoga space which would also serve as a private guest cabin. The program was divided into two […]


Dramatically Secluded Art Studios in Fogo Island

Artists looking for a seriously secluded place for creative work would definitely love an art studio dramatically located on a steep hillside overlooking the calm waters of an inland pond. This is Project Bridge Studio in Newfoundland, Canada, designed by Saunders Architects. It is a series of six artists’ studios on different location in Fogo island that aims to preserve the Islander’s traditions and rejuvenating the island through the arts and culture. Photos by Saunders Architects


A Blank Canvas + An Artist's Loft

Solitude and quiet. Are those words the common description for an artist’s place? How about dreamy? Dreamy on a positive note. A relaxed place where inspiration and emotions are evoked. Conducive to creative efforts. Much like this loft. I could only imagine that the open planning’s purpose is to haveless distraction. Like a blank canvas. Freedom to move around.. Freedom to create. [via willowdecor]