Church Floor Covered with Magic Carpet of Light by Miguel Chevalier

French artist Miguel Chevalier created the ‘Magic Carpets’ installation that transformed a church floor into an enchanting virtual carpet of colorful light accompanied by soft music. The installation was done inside Sacré Coeur, a former church that now houses art exhibitions.


Hundreds of Suspended Sailboats in Mesmerizing Installation by Jacob Hashimoto

This installation by New York-based artist Jacob Hashimoto will make you feel calmed and somehow relaxed. The slow dance of hundreds of sailboats suspended from the ceiling is just mesmerizing. Even more so on video which you may watch right here. [via thejealouscurator]


Strikingly Geometrical Horse-Drawn Carriage Installation by Xavier Veilhan

French artist Xavier Veilhan‘s project Le Carrosse or The Large Carriage is a modern take on the traditional horse-drawn carriage. This purple and strikingly geometrical sculpture was first installed in Versailles in 2009. From 2012 until November of last year, the Le Carrosse was also displayed in front of the Museum of fine arts in Arras where several carriages designed from yester-year were exhibited.   Meanwhile in South Korea, the […]


Stunning 20 Miles of Colorful Ribbons Adorn Grace Cathedral

As artist in residence of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Anne Patterson filled the church interior with 20-miles of ribbons in splendid colors. The vibrant installation called ‘Graced with Light’ perfectly compliments the stained glass windows of the church and is said to have a therapeutic effect. As a part of 100 Years of Music at Grace Cathedral, visual artist Anne Patterson created Graced With Light, a stunning, music-inspired installation […]


Vivid 3-dimensional Installations on Existing Architecture

Artist Megan Ceckler‘s colorful installations using flagging tape seem digital at first glance. A flagging tape is a mass-produced colorful plastic ribbon utilized on construction sites. Each installation takes days or weeks of exhaustive site visits and endless measurements. The resulting artwork is a space is transformed into an immersive environment in which the viewer is given multiple pathways to experience the installation on their own terms. Her recent work, Rewritten by machine on […]


Thousands of Colorful Plastic Bottles Installed To Appear Like Traditional Textile

Plastic bottles totaling around 2,100 pieces became an interactive public art project namedArgallios as initiated by Athenian studio Kollektivemind*. The inspiration was to mimic the pattern of a traditional weaving called Cretan. “Cretan woven fabrics with geometrical decoration are among the richest and most structured traditional geometrical weaves worldwide, even though only one shape, the diamond, and its variants are used.” The diamond-shaped slots of cyclone wire fence surrounding a primary school in Chania were […]


Fascinating Street Installation Lets You Walk Through the Clouds

Brazilian artist Eduardo Coimbra provided a heavenly experience to the visitors of his art installation in Brazil. Five light boxes with cloud images measuring 17 square feet were installed on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Fascinated passers-by were able to walk around and through the clouds that became an attraction specially when illuminated at night. “Educated as an engineer, Eduardo Coimbra is best known for his site-specific, mixed-media architectural installations. “[My] work […]


Wooden Tree Installation Show Strength of Domino Effect

The Small Knocking Down the Big is an installation project by Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie. The artist put together big rectangular pieces of wood for the trunk and small sized ones for branches constituting the shape of a knocked down giant tree. “The physical principle of the Domino effect is that when one block falls, its thrust forward is greater than that of the earlier block. As a result, if the blocks […]


Suspended Geometrical Clouds by Tomás Saraceno

From white paper, artist Tomás Saraceno created light geometrical structures similar to those white feathery clouds in the sky. Some of the polyhedronic structures were suspended separately using nylon wires so that it appears to float. The story behind this 2009 installation, Cloudy House: As the earths clouds have the potential to both block and reveal the Sun from and to us, Saraceno’s too reveal and block. We are confronted with questions about […]


Awe-inspiring Glowing Lights Installation in Tokyo's Sumida River

As a way to create awareness for the on-going river abuse, 100,000 pieces of ‘wishing star’ solar-powered LED lights were released on to Sumida River in Tokyo. The lights were particularly designed by Panasonic so that it glows when touched by water. After the beautiful river display, the tiny lights were gathered to be used again in the future. The symbolic installation is part of the Tokyo Hotaru Festival which reminds locals of the […]