Food Artists Create Models of Famous Art Museums Using Gingerbread and Candy

Food artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves have created realistic-looking models of famous art museums using gingerbread and candy as their main material. While candy is fun, colorful, and anything but serious, food artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves were excited by the challenge to take it to the next level. Art Basel seemed like the perfect place to showcase their ability to turn something traditional (gingerbread houses) on its […]


Ridiculously Detailed Architecture Models Made from Ledger Paper

Creating building models for school projects back in college was always a challenge. Aside from design, we would definitely pride in using unique materials. Artist Jill Sylvia definitely raises the bar of difficulty in her ridiculously detailed architectural models made out of hand-cut ledger paper. Yes,ledger paper. The lines of the book-bound sheet are cut in between so you can part see through it. This makes her models even more interesting as […]


Most Stunning Paper Craft in the World

Soft blue lights and colorful illumination add impact to any artwork. They highlight the subject of exhibits. In this case paper craft castles. Like the castles of Disneyland and its intricate details, thispaper artwork looks equally stunning. Wataru Itou from Tokyo took four years to complete this installation project. Piece by piece of gruelling hand-made-paper-craft of hardwork has indeed paid off. Exhibit way back in 2009, complete with lighting and a moving train, his […]