Impeccable 87 Square Meter Home in 20th Century Brick Building

This meticulously renovated 87 square meter home inside a 20th century brick building is located in Goteborg, Sweden. Featuring large living areas, an open floor plan, walk-in closet and a small yet invigorating balcony.    Photos courtesy of Alvhemmakleriny


Chic Rethinking of a Condominium Suite

In 2011, Kariouk Associates completed the re-development of a developer’s model condominium suite located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This 850 square-foot apartment condominium has an open plan with rooms smartly separated by elliptical enclosure of existing columns.     Redeveloper Apartment by Kariouk Associates: Design Challenge: This project called for the rethinking of an 850 square-foot apartment on the seventeenth floor of a new condominium building in the city’s downtown core. The slogan employed […]