Fascinating Photos of Northern Gannets by Jasper Doest

Brilliant photographer Jasper Doest takes us to the different side of the world through his amazing photos that encapsulate the tranquility and beauty of nature. His pictures simply exude his passion and for him photography is always about emotion, an image must be expressive and should touch its viewers. For this series, Doest chose to capture the fierceness of the Northern Gannet, the largest seabird in the North Atlantic, with a wingspan of up to 2 […]


Momo is Hiding in Every One of These Photos

Meet Momo, Andrew Knapp‘s Border Collie who has an interesting habit when playing fetch. Instead of returning the stick after catching it, Momo hides in disguise. Andrew documents them in photos, regularly updated in Go Find Momo website. [via the savoia]


Endearing Animals with Human-Like Expressions

Check out these adorable and friendly creatures captured with human-like expressions. Photographer Tim Flach comes out with his unique collection dubbed as More Than Human featuring portraits of animals wherein you can see how they exhibit the same tenderness and aesthetic elegance that human beings do. See some of his works after the jump and you may also want to visit his website here.   [via brainpickings]


Cutest Shetland Ponies Wearing Cardigans Makes You Want To Visit Scotland

The national tourist board of Scotland thought of a playful campaign to attract tourists. The campaign stars Fivla and Vitamin wearing custom-knit cardigans as they pose on Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes. Still undecided on having that trip to Scotland? Fivla and Vitamin, two of the cutest Shetland ponies, is warmly inviting you over.    You can watch them here. Be sure to check out many more photos of Fivla and Vitamin here.   [via petapixel]


Astonishing Animal Camouflage Photography by Art Wolfe

Are you in for a surprise? Let’s see how many animals you can spot from these incredible photos of Washington-based artist Art Wolfe. With his project dubbed as Vanishing Act, Wolfe has gracefully captured real-life camouflage skills of animals since 1989 and according to him the project is still ongoing. Check some of his works and find out how keen your eyes are after the jump! ♥ [via boredpanda]


Impressive Dog Portraits by Daniel Sadlowski

Check out these really nice dog portraits by Daniel Sadlowski who refers to himself as an extraordinary Photographer and Web designer from Duisburg, Germany. You can view more of his photos Facebook-Fanpage! or through his Portfolio. [via behance]


Endearing Best Friends + Pet Photography

This is probably one of the most lovable pet photography you’ll see as of yet. For five consecutive years, Paul Walker has been honored to be Scottish Master Pet Photographer of the Year. Paul’s skill, passion and love for animal photography was developed early on his childhood, honed and mastered throughout the years. More than just capturing moments of man’s best friend on their most adorable playful selves, Paul is able to seize […]


Stunning Underwater Photos by David Fleetham

You’ve probably seen a lot of underwater shoots, it’s remarkable that the beauty of the ocean still surprises and stuns you every single time. David Fleetham‘s under water photos provides a glimpse of the ocean’s incredible living diversity. The first photo for example shows a hungry sea lion as it swims through a tunnel of fish looking for food. A perfectly timed photograph that was shot somewhere in Galapagos Islands. David has circled the globe […]


Heartwarming Photograph of a Dog Sleeping in His Father's Arms

Talk about life’s precious moments, this will surely melt your heart. Photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson of Stonehouse Photography wanted to document John Unger affection for his dog Schoep in Lake Superior. 19 years ago John Unger rescued Schoep when he was only 8 months old. Over the years, they’ve shared plenty of adventures together, John says that the dog saved him from suicide after a failed relationship. When Schoep developed arthritis in his legs, the […]


A Charming Toller

Probably one of the cutest, most adorable photographed puppy ever. His name is Denver and a young pup Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever from Vancouver, Canada. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or Toller is the smallest of the retrievers.    Photos by Morgan Taylor   [via brekend]