Licensed Pilot Takes Stunning Aerial Photography for Three Decades

In 1975, Alex Maclean began his career in photography after getting his pilot license in Harvard. After three decades of taking beautiful aerial photos, Maclean’s work had been exhibited  in London’s Beetles and Huxley. 


Aerial Photos of Lake in Poland Show Striking Colors of Four Seasons

Photographer and pilot Kacper Kowalski takes on a different perspective in documenting nature. Specializing in aerial photos, Kowalski was able to take breathtaking shots of two lakes of Poland as it changes season by season. The photos are described as ‘unreal, almost graphic images – images of patterns, symmetries and asymmetries created by man and nature’. [via emorfes]


Unbelievably Gorgeous Landscapes by Klaus Leidorf

Aerial archaelogist Klaus Leidorf takes gorgeous photos from altitude. Most of Leidorf’s work focus on landscape patterns that are quite surprising. An example is the photo above in which the green pasture seem to be stroked by a gigantic paintbrush. More of Klaus Leidorf photos on his website. [via illusion]


Filip Kulisev Takes Photos of our Amazing Planet

Respected Slovak photographer and explorer Filip Kulisev founded a company called Amazing Planet in 2001. Through the years he’s taken undeniably spectacular landscapes on all all continents in a technically impeccable form, composing with a sense of balance and interplay of shadow and light. Recently, Filip Kulisev became the winner of FEP European Landscape Golden Camera 2012th In the competition for best European professional photographer in 2012 he was awarded as the sole representative of Slovakia. More […]


Looking at the Earth from a Different Perspective