Captivating Sony Ad Campaign Shot in Costa Rica Covered in Flower Petals by Nick Meek

Photographer Nick Meek was commissioned by world-renowned advertising agency Mccann for the campaign of Sony’s new 4k TV that provides four times the detail of full high definition. The team chose multicolored flower petals and leaves in the colorful tropics of Costa Rica as the fundamental medium for the project. To illustrate the excellence in focus, the petals were blown and exploded throughout the island landscape, whirled through the prismatic […]


Playful 'True Colours' Advertising Campaign by Faber-Castell

What better way to advertise a product than to display it playfully right straight to its clients? German company Faber-Castell known for its pencils, pens and other products for artists commissioned the German advertising agency Serviceplan. The agency then came up with an eye-catching campaign to showcase how close Faber-Castell pencil crayon colours come to the real item with a running slogan dubbed as True Colours. [via beautifullife]


Clever 'Lose the Waterbeard' Campaign by John Keatley

Seattle-based advertising and editorial photographer John Keatley worked with MiiR Bottles in creating this clever Lose the Waterbeard campaign. Ian Goode of Gigantic Squid helped him make the waterbeard magic. John Keatley writes, “As simple as a water bottle sounds, there are so many great ideas to work with because there are a lot of water bottles on the market that are difficult to use.  I think this comes across pretty clear in these ads.” Watch the video below where John Keatley talks […]


Waldo Trommler Paints Branding Stands Out

Colors do attract clients and this has been proven a thousand times in the advertising industry. Reynolds and Reyner highly valued this concept when they came up with a great idea of making the brand of Waldo Trommler Paints (WTP) stand out while it was planning to enter the U.S. market. WTP, a small Finnish company, needed a new visual entity and with the help of Reynolds and Reyner they achieved an apt […]


Ingenious Illustrations of Tea

As part of a tea packaging project for Triptea, Andrew Gorkovenko created a series of illustrations made from tea leaves. The idea is to communicate the idea of traveling to exotic countries of the world. What better way to demonstrate that concept than placing illustration of different places in the packaging itself? Of course there’s illustrating those places using the actual tea leaves. Brilliant concept execution right there. Moreover, Alex wrote on his website, “each of the […]


Amazing Backdrops Made of Sand

Extremely talented sand sculptor JOOheng impressive work has earned him the world champion status. So when ad agency Lowe needed amazing backdrops for an OMO commercial, JOOheng was definitely the perfect person to be commissioned.  JOOheng surely delivered.   [via walltowatch]


Clever Concepts of LEGO Ads

    [via designincstudios]


Graphic designer's challege: say more in less space (8 cool typography ads)

Using creative typography, these advertisements are able to send powerful messages in less use of words. The effectivity of using this strategy is doubled as it captures the imagination of its spectators. Just shows you don’t have say much to spread the word. [via graphicdesignblog]