graphite illustration

Cuban artist Pardo Lopez showcases his excellent skill in using black graphite as a primary medium. His series called BLACK BOX is composed of stunning pieces made with graphite on canvas, accompanied by an installation. According to the artist,

The main focus is the figure of the airplane that is placed in a variety of situations to allude the problems of the contemporary man and, in this way, become metaphor of the existence, dreams, through the great hardship, loneliness. The sobriety and the formal synthesis, as well as the vague environments, make these works spaces for a gaze toward the interior, a search that exceeds the limits of the machine and becomes eminently human.

symbolicairplaneillustrationsoncanvasusingblackgraphite2 symbolicairplaneillustrationsoncanvasusingblackgraphite3 symbolicairplaneillustrationsoncanvasusingblackgraphite7

Pardo’s other works include HUMAN CAPITAL, SIGHTING and SELF-PORTRAIT. More of his drawings and paintings on his website.


[via fubiz]


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