It really is the little things that make our hearts melt most of the time. Agree?

Well, artist Evan Pullman Neidich could be sharing the same thought when he drew these adorable illustrations called Fox & Crow Paper Co. showing sweet images of animals as if they hold emotions like human beings do. According to the artist, the goal of  his work is to bring joy and activate our joyful imaginations. Check them out below:


bun-5a70a17765b9d__880 Cats-5a70a1792d4f8__880 ElDo-5a70a17b67d25__880 Girhed-5a70a1755ed39__880 koala-5a70a17118a99__880 mice-5a70a17337a9e__880 Pig-5a70a17d52c84__880


Which one’s your favorite?


via Bored Panda


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