geometrical cloud installation

From white paper, artist Tomás Saraceno created light geometrical structures similar to those white feathery clouds in the sky. Some of the polyhedronic structures were suspended separately using nylon wires so that it appears to float.

The story behind this 2009 installation, Cloudy House:

As the earths clouds have the potential to both block and reveal the Sun from and to us, Saraceno’s too reveal and block. We are confronted with questions about contemporary society and its organization, for the potential of an efficient and healthy future, while simultaneously opening a space to loosen the fears we often harbor when grappling with this very topic.

suspendedgeometricalcloudsbytomassaraceno1 suspendedgeometricalcloudsbytomassaraceno2 suspendedgeometricalcloudsbytomassaraceno3

[via modernism]


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