Can’t help but be mesmerized with these utterly laidback shots taken by Simon Harsent. They make you want to embrace life all over again and just be thankful for everything. ♥

The artist says:

Shot from a constantly moving point, these images are records of transition, of travel, of movement itself. They are moments that happen all the time but are captured only by the fleet of foot and keen of eye. As we set out, white light falls on cold, crisp scenery giving a feeling of exhilaration, anticipation of what is to come. As the journey continues, this light recedes. Time and distance disappear, momentum is the only constant. Day becomes dusk, clouds close like curtains screening off the day. Edges blur as night’s backdrop begins to fall and landscape turns to silhouette, barely backlit. We have reached our destination.

SurrealPhotosTakeninTransitionbySimonHarsent2 SurrealPhotosTakeninTransitionbySimonHarsent3 SurrealPhotosTakeninTransitionbySimonHarsent4 SurrealPhotosTakeninTransitionbySimonHarsent5 SurrealPhotosTakeninTransitionbySimonHarsent6


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