paper art

Put your hands up for Simon Schubert, such an exceptional artist who creates artworks with a plain white paper. Sounds simple? Nah, really. Schubert meticulously makes several folds on a paper creating a two-dimensional crease design that resembles the interior of particular structure or place. Simply amazing!

SuperblyUniqueArtworkThatEmergesfromFoldsinSheetsofPaper2 SuperblyUniqueArtworkThatEmergesfromFoldsinSheetsofPaper3 SuperblyUniqueArtworkThatEmergesfromFoldsinSheetsofPaper4 SuperblyUniqueArtworkThatEmergesfromFoldsinSheetsofPaper5 SuperblyUniqueArtworkThatEmergesfromFoldsinSheetsofPaper6

[via woundmagazine]


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