Check out these unbelievable gourd carvings created by Utah-based artist Marilyn Sunderland who draws inspiration from the beautiful landscapes in Utah valley surrounded by mountains. Her works are so elaborate that they will certainly blow you away.

The artist says:

The gourd has become my canvas for my creative expressions. I enjoy the excitement of each day with what my imagination can bring forth in each gourd. I strive to learn more, create more, and to enjoy each day to the fullest.

SuperblyAwesomeGourdCarvingArtbyMarilynSunderland2 SuperblyAwesomeGourdCarvingArtbyMarilynSunderland3 SuperblyAwesomeGourdCarvingArtbyMarilynSunderland4 SuperblyAwesomeGourdCarvingArtbyMarilynSunderland5 SuperblyAwesomeGourdCarvingArtbyMarilynSunderland6 SuperblyAwesomeGourdCarvingArtbyMarilynSunderland7 SuperblyAwesomeGourdCarvingArtbyMarilynSunderland8

[via odditycentral]


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