Remember seeing hyper realistic paintings that seem like they are real photographs? Let me introduce something of the opposite that will make you think these are unreal photos. A brilliant photographer named David Orias gets to capture images of waves at different angles and plays with the saturation and contrast aspects in order to come up these remarkable shots.

StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias2 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias3 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias4 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias5 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias6 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias7 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias8 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias9 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias10 StunningWavePhotographybyDavidOrias11

[via vieweird]


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