unique stripe house

The word “stunning” best describes the Stripe House located in Leiden, The Netherlands. GAAGA designed the house with a loft style that serves as an open office and residence at the same time. Its main ‘living’/public space features the kitchen and living room, which functions as a relaxation as well as entertainment space/lunch area. The small patio gives the place its “residential” atmosphere while maintaining its professional tone. The white interiors add up more to the cozy and warm ambience of the whole place.

Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA2 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA3 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA4 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA5 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA6 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA7 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA8 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA9 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA10 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA11 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA12 Stunning-Stripe-House-by-GAAGA13


[via inthralld]


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