If you are fascinated by light as much as I am, then here is a great treat for you. Check out this stunning exhibit dubbed as Light by British light artist Bruce Munro. The exhibit, which runs until November 10, 2013, features 10 large-scale light installations with indoor sculptures. You may want to visit the collection at Cheekwood Botanical Garden in Nashville, Tennessee.

StunningLargeScaleOutdoorInstallationsbyBruceMunro2 StunningLargeScaleOutdoorInstallationsbyBruceMunro3 StunningLargeScaleOutdoorInstallationsbyBruceMunro4 StunningLargeScaleOutdoorInstallationsbyBruceMunro5

The artist says:

When I was eighteen years old I came to a profound realisation that ‘life’ was in a continuous state of movement and it was pointless trying to control it too much.

Since then, a respect for the principle of change has given me a degree of confidence with which to explore my life.

I was interested in ‘light’ as a medium at Art School; but it was in my mid twenties (whilst living in Australia) that I started to work and experiment with light in a formal sense.

It’s been a 29-year journey, since making my first illuminated sculptural prototype, on the floor of my flat in Sydney.


[via contemporist]


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