People can be so ingenious and Judith Braun, a New York-based artist, is definitely one of them. She makes stunning murals as her bare fingers dipped in charcoal dust work freely and creatively across a blank wall. Cost-efficient? Obviously yes… because paintbrush expenses are clearly out of the way. Brilliant? Absolutely yes… because she is not afraid to let her hands take control of whatever she wants to come up with, and that’s a true artist.

StunningFingerPaintingsbyJudithAnnBraun2 StunningFingerPaintingsbyJudithAnnBraun3 StunningFingerPaintingsbyJudithAnnBraun4 StunningFingerPaintingsbyJudithAnnBraun5 StunningFingerPaintingsbyJudithAnnBraun6 StunningFingerPaintingsbyJudithAnnBraun7 StunningFingerPaintingsbyJudithAnnBraun8 StunningFingerPaintingsbyJudithAnnBraun9




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