More than a place for display, the Vitra Haus concept is strikingly beautiful. 12 separate ‘homes’ stacked at 5 stories high with each open glass-wall side facing a different direction. Its unique direction allows you to focus on one display at a time. The gray exterior and the stark contrast white interior makes a spectacular visual display especially at night time.

contemporary house design architectureofvitrahaus1 architectureofvitrahaus2 architectureofvitrahaus3 architectureofvitrahaus4  vitrahausbyherzoganddemeuronarchitecture vitrahausbyherzoganddemeuronarchitecture1 vitrahausbyherzoganddemeuronarchitecture2 vitrahausbyherzoganddemeuronarchitecture3 vitrahausbyherzoganddemeuronarchitecture4

Herzog & de Meuron built The Vitrahaus to display the Vitra Home Collection. It houses different  furniture arrangements in different style and genres. You can find more photos here.


Photos by The Vitrahaus


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