There really is something with the moon that leaves people staring at it mesmerized and I guess artist Leonid Tishkov is one of those. His visual poetic installation dubbed as Private Moon is truly spellbinding! ♥

The artist says:

… the artificial moon sheds its light on surrounding objects and offers viewers as they arrive or occasional pass­ers-by a chance to experience the fairytale nature of our existence.

SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov2 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov3 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov4 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov5 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov6 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov7 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov8 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov9 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov10 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov11 SpellbindingPrivateMoonbyLeonidTishkov12

You may view more of his works along with his poems here.

[via enpundit]


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