Honestly, as far as I can remember I think I haven’t eaten a single jelly bean in my entire life. Really? Yes, absolutely true! Amazingly, those who love as well as those who are not fond of jelly beans would be fascinated to know that these beans (I mean thousands of beans) could actually be used to make a portrait and that would be considered as a spectacular piece of art. Here are some of meticulous portraits by self-proclaimed jellybean king Peter Rocha. Check them out after the jump!



SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans3 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans4 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans5 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans6 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans7 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans8 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans9 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans10 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans11 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans12 SpectacularPortraitsMadefromThousandsofJellyBeans13


[via 1800recycling]


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