Floriade 2012 is a World Horticultural Exp in Venlo – The Netherlands that is currently running from 5 April to 7 October. This unique event is a once in a decade spectacular flower show that is dubbed as a theater for nature. Participating in this event is Pulgon Diseño‘s entry, a Spanish Pavilion with the theme “Naturally Diverse”. An idea which spotlights the importance of organic products, diversity and natural richness. Bearing this theme, the building springs literally from the land, the space created serves the interior spaces of the exhibition. In addition, some of the materials used here has been salvaged and repurposed from different sources like wood from fruit boxes, planks and wood from building works, demolition, railway sleepers and some unexpended agricultural products.

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Exhibition story:

Spain’s climate and landscape is very different from that of other European countries. Its biodiversity enables agricultural and horticultural production that is unique in Europe and is geared primarily towards exports to other countries. Olive groves, vineyards, citrus trees: these are all typical elements of the Spanish landscape.

The theme of the Spanish entry is “Naturally Diverse”. The diversity is illustrated on the basis of 10 different Spanish regions, each with their own typical horticultural produce. The result is a highly colourful pavilion that rises up out of the World Shows Stage landscape. The entry is made predominantly of waste materials and waste wood.

The story of Spanish horticulture is told in the pavilion. You can see the Spanish landscape from the air and gain an impression of its diversity. The production processes – from sowing the seed to harvesting, wholesale and distribution – are displayed on monitors. An interactive screen shows you the most important aspects of Spanish horticulture. Last of all you get to see the result: horticultural produce artistically displayed as jewels.

In 10 different sensory booths you can experience a multisensory display relating to the 10 different regions in Spain. Typical Spanish dishes are also featured.


Visit the Floriade’s website.


[via contemporist]


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