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Artillery who has offices in London, Dubai and Melbourne designed the South Yarra Pool House.

Located in Victoria, Australia, the residential project involves refurbishing a former stable to accommodate a small dwelling abounding the pool at the rear of the client’s property.

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South Yarra Pool House by Artillery:

Artillery designed the Pool House’s interior, exterior and surrounding decking (which links the main dwelling to the pool) working alongside Paul Bangay who was responsible for the landscape design.

The shape of the Pool House stems from historic beginnings whilst being carefully adapted with discrete folds creating subtle shadows.  The structure was constructed from steel, with steel framed doors. Zinc cladding covers the exterior whilst matching the extension of the main house.

Doors were designed to fully open, allowing for an easy transition between the interior and exterior.

Furthermore, Artillery was appointed on the interior of the main house (comprising of the original house and a new extension designed by Jackson Clements Burrows. The owner’s and designer’s love of timber is the hero of this space.

The Pool House is positioned under an existing Elm tree, making use of natural shading. In addition, a skeletal pergola is slowly being enveloped by a creeper, which will fill the voids with greenery creating more natural shading. 

The most enjoyable part of the design process was working with the owners, the Fergusons, who radiate design passion and knowledge. Their collection of extraordinary furniture and art accumulated during their travels abroad and living stint in New York fill the variety of spaces within the dwellings.  These pieces make the space feel lived in and loved.


Photos | Text by Artillery


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