house design

Have you ever seen a space that seemed really small but as you look around more it seems endless? This is what happened to me when I found photos of Zoe’s incredible home in Paris~ via livingagency. As you can see in the first photo, you can easily dismiss this as a plain, elementary home. I have to say, be prepared for quite a few surprises inside. There are layers and layers of wonderful elements here. It’s like a studio, but bigger, more ‘rooms’, dividers, areas to ponder on, cute fridge, real awesome bed headboard, a bathroom with lots of mirrors and more!

ZC02 ZC04 ZC07 ZC08 ZC09 ZC10 ZC11 ZC12 ZC13 ZC14 ZC15 ZC16 ZC17 ZC18 ZC19 ZC20 ZC21 ZC22 ZC23 ZC24 ZC25 ZC26 ZC27 ZC28 ZC29 ZC30



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