Japan based studio Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier have designed the Small Box House.

This home is situated on a hillside overlooking the city of West Moiwa Sapporo in Japan.

box house design SmallBoxHouse1 SmallBoxHouse2 SmallBoxHouse3 SmallBoxHouse4 SmallBoxHouse5  SmallBoxHouse7 SmallBoxHouse8 SmallBoxHouse9

Small Box House by Akasaka Shinichiro:

House is  From the demand and the life style that is not decorating Mrs. client that you want to store a part of the building in the future, we will present life scenes various with a sense of appropriate distance in the Void rustic, such as barn I was aiming to build flexible space that can accommodate even the opening of the birth of the child and stores.
Loosely exist between each scene, curtain light transmitted through the sign of the people and continuous walls, floor and railing. Is it before the kitchen, or such somewhere on the second floor, where the family will relax as the living room are available and openings ceiling height variety and the opportunity to get to live will find these places in the Void.
Clients can enjoy capturing the elements that enrich the lives, these things are often people in general deterioration of siding, limited materials and equipment with low cost, such as snow removal in winter have the impression of negative a person.


Photos by Hiroshi Sakai


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