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Germany based studio Fabi Architekten designed the Black on White residence. This contemporary single family home with a unique minimalist design is located in Wenzenbach, Germany and was completed in 2012.

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Black on White Residence by Fabi Architekten:

A house like an archetype. As a prelude to the castle “Schoenberg” (12th century.) – The moat – site of a former guard house. The house consists of two building volumes: a homogeneous, black saddle roof structure – turned on a cantilevered flat roof white box lying. Minimal intrusion into the hillside topography. The body of each open once targeted for natural space “forest.” Peace and conciseness the building radiate into the environment – uniqueness.

Pure geometry of living materials – monolithic with depth. Exterior: granite embankments following the topography – from coarse to fine – black asphalt as countershaft. Sufficiency and respect for the place, the objectives of building the future.


Photos by Fabi Architekten


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