FDL_066_GP07_peasI was browsing thru a food magazine when I found this rare piece of artwork ~ Organic 20th Century Green peas that’s engraved with natural iconographic 20th century women. I tried looking for it online and found a wonderful collection of food art via finedininglovers.com. Check them out!

(Picture above: 20th CENTURY GREEN PEAS artwork. 2001 Presented in Foodwork. La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona. © Martí Guixé, courtesy Corraini Edizioni)

pastry ideas

(Picture above: I-CAKES. Delicious looking cakes that resembles a pie-graph.) FDL_066_GP06_tomato

(Picture above: SPAMT AND SPAMT TOOL KID’S KIT. Spamt (short for: és pà amb tomàquet), the Catalan bread with squeezed tomato, salt and oil, with a universal format. 1997. Presented in SPAMT Galeria H2O, Barcelona. The image on your left is Spamt Tool Kid’s Kit, which enables you to extract the middle of a tomato and put stuffing inside, for instance, shown here is bread)


(Picture above: TAPAS-PASTA. Here’s a unique way of enjoying your pasta. If you love trying different kinds of sauce for your pasta try this. This method allows you to savor your pasta like eating tapas. It’s also a good way of sharing a dish of pasta with several persons. Just grab a stalk and dip in your favorite sauce.1997 Presented in SPAMT Galeria H2O, Barcelona.) FDL_066_GP09_biscuittire

(Picture above: AUTOBAHN CAKES. Sometime ago my sister posted something about Autobahn. So it’s nice learning about Autobahn and seeing these artwork. These cookies’ inspiration are tire print reliefs. Something to nibble on while driving. 1997. Presented in SPAMT Galeria H2O, Barcelona. Copyright © Imagekontainer/Knölke) FDL_066_GP10_biscuitfortune

(Picture above: FORTUNE COOKIES. Almost always, fortune cookies are seen in a dumpling-like form with hollow space inside for the piece of fortune or advice. Shown here is a more contemporary version. Thru breaking them, see how your view of your fate is influenced by by trying to avoid or look for which words the ‘break’ catches. 2001. Presented in Foodwork. La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona. Copyright © Imagekontainer/Knölke)FDL_066_GP11_biscuitnumber


(Picture above: 7-STEP COOKIE. If you love following rules or steps you’ll surely enjoy this cookie. Designed with the broken line indication on where to start biting it.  Prototype, 2001. Presented in Foodwork. La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona. Copyright © Imagekontainer/KnölkeCopyright © Imagekontainer/Knölke)

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