Do you notice something familiar with this place? Alas! Whiteness is all over the place! Don’t you just love white?

This relaxing Capri Suite located in the ancient village of Anacapri, Italy was designed by Zetastudio, an architectural firm founded by two young architect graduates in 2005.

The deep knowledge of materials, observation skills, curiosity, experimentation, sensitivity and love for design characterize all their work, never predictable. Always unpredictable.

RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio2 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio3 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio4 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio5 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio6 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio7 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio8 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio9 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio10 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio11 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio12 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio13 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio14 RelaxingCapriSuitebyZetastudio15

[via homedsgn]


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