cafe in botanical garden

Kollgáta Architecture designed this intimate relaxing café situated in the middle of a Botanical Garden in Akureyri, Iceland.

This 177 square meter café was completed in 2012.

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Café in a Botanical Garden by Kollgáta Architecture

The basis for our design was to create a cafe that would clearly be a testament to es we live in and at the same time keep with the atmosphere already created by these older buildings. Therefore we sought inspiration in their farm, colours and scale and we looked to locally manufactured and tested materials to keep with the ideas of sustainability and heritage.

Materials that would also allow us to impliment modern details with precision. It was important for us that these modern details would be delicate and exact to keep this new building humble, honest and more in touch with both the natural surroundings and the small buildings already there.

Another factor greatly affecting the design was the buildings connection with the areas and spaces around it, intended for the visitors. This created the need for large windows and strong visual connection with the vegetation, trees, picnic areas and walkways surround the cafe.


Photos by Helga Kvam | Text by Kollgáta Architecture


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